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Giant Pumpkin Quest Vegetable Gardening

Giant Pumpkin Quest 2012: Start Your Engines!

Baby Katie at the 2009 Weigh Off- her Mom is easily hiding behind this 900 lb. pumpkin, holding her in place (nobody worry!)

I come by my love of gardening honestly.  My Great-Grandfather was a Swiss immigrant who owned a florist shop as did several of his children.  All are gardeners including my Grandma who had an incredible vegetable garden.  My Grandpa and several other relatives are farmers.  My Dad’s folks were into the whole ‘gardening’ thing too on their 5 acre property.  My own parents have lovely gardens.  Mom takes care of the flowers part of thing, as is her heritage: However,…

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Succulent Pallet Table


Whew! The last week was a whirlwind!  I actually LOVE the Home & Garden Show.  I’m an extrovert so talking to hundreds of people about plants etc. is a lot of fun for me!  This is the first year in the last five that I am not designing privately and thus was not trolling for clients at the show- I just got to enjoy it with no stress attached!  I found that there just was not enough time to be…

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Salt Lake Tribune Home & Garden Show Eye Candy

Gorgeous path by Stonescapes

And this time I don’t mean me with Ahmed!  The show was BACK this year with huge crowds and great ideas.  One change was that there were more small landscapes by landscapers I haven’t seen at the show before.  It was great to see how much interest they could pack into some pretty tight spaces! They set up the landscaper dream gardens a little differently this year and I liked the change. Instead of a hodge podge, they created an overall…

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Ahmed Hassan


I have a ton to write about as the Spring Home & Garden show has just wrapped up and I have a bunch of projects to share! However, it’s late and so tonight I’m just going to share my highlight of the show- Ahmed! I will just say for the record than in real life the man is dripping with charisma and his muscled chest ain’t too bad either! Oh- wait? Was I supposed to be listening to some sort…

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On the Radio!

I will be talking plants and gardens on the “Western Life” Radio program tomorrow night, February 8th at around 8:30 pm.  The station is 1280 am or 97.5 fm in Salt Lake City. I’ve never done radio before- or at least radio where you go into the studio. Should be fun. Oh please, dear Lord, don’t let me say anything stupid!…

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Meeting Landscape Architect/ Artist, Topher Delaney!

Delaney Narducci

The 2012 Utah Nursery and Landscape Association Green Conference was held this past week and what a week it was! I’ll write more about the event and provide some great photos but, for today, I want to talk about the most significant moment for me at the conference- meeting landscape legend, Topher Delaney. Topher Delaney’s work is as unique as her name. She pulls off designs and installations that most of us would never even attempt to get away with!…

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Money-Saving Tips Nurseries & Suppliers Product Reviews

Seed Season!


Winter may be time off from actively gardening but it’s a great time of year for gardeners! When the seed catalogs start arriving in the mail I feel like a kid all over again, drooling over the holiday “Sears Wishbook”.  Each catalog holds the promise of the ‘best garden ever’ if I can just pick the right seeds to grow.  This is gardening with my imagination which is far more exuberant than my real-world life! This year it’s especially exciting…

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Hanging Air Plant Terarrium

All finished and ready to hang.

I’ll admit that I’m really NOT a houseplant person.  Not only do I tend to kill them from benign neglect, I also just don’t like the way the take over things (think of the classic Philodendron). You’ve seen this guy, right?  All stretched out 6 feet long and held up by thumb tacks as it grows around a window or creeping along the top of the kitchen cabinets?  It’s just not my thing.  Too much work.  Too leggy. Too much…

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Glover Nursery Garden

The waterfall has plenty of foliage behind it to avoid the dread 'volcano falls' effect.

Having lived for a time in the Pacific Northwest, I got spoiled.  There are so many lovely nurseries there and most of them sport display gardens.  Heaven on earth!  Sadly, most nurseries here in Utah aren’t set up the same way- but there are a few! One such nursery is Glover located in West Jordan.  It’s one of my favorite nurseries for a number of reasons and I’ve spent a lot of money there over the years buying for clients…

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