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DIY Blogger House


I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the DIY Blogger House as the landscape design professional for the home and I managed to slip a few “DIY” style projects in as well.  I’ve had an amazing summer filled with wonderful projects but haven’t had much time to spare blogging here on my personal blog.  I WILL get back to it- been too busy doing fun projects to find time to blog about said projects! Here at least- I’ve been…

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“Joy in The Garden”

Joy in the Studio

I am excited to say that I’ll be joining my gardening friend, Joy Bossi, of “Joy in the Garden” on her radio show for a few minutes during the next couple of Saturdays. Joy has been a HUGE proponent of Conservation Garden Park and has specifically helped me at a time when I really needed it- she helped launch the “Education Committee” for the Garden that I chaired back in the days before I became an employee. Now that we…

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A “Near Death Experience”- Seedling Style

Seedlings 1 week after transplanting up to pony packs. They are MUCH happier in a bigger home.

Actually, for some of my unique heirloom tomatoes and ALL of my baby bell pepper seedlings, it WAS a death experience. Sorry little guys! I approached this ‘seed season’ with far more gusto than usual. After 20 years of growing seeds in my window sills or under lights in the basement I now have access to a REAL greenhouse at work. And not just any greenhouse, but a state-of-the-art facility that has every bell and whistle! Or at least it’s…

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Succulent Pallet Table


Whew! The last week was a whirlwind!  I actually LOVE the Home & Garden Show.  I’m an extrovert so talking to hundreds of people about plants etc. is a lot of fun for me!  This is the first year in the last five that I am not designing privately and thus was not trolling for clients at the show- I just got to enjoy it with no stress attached!  I found that there just was not enough time to be…

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Salt Lake Tribune Home & Garden Show Eye Candy

Gorgeous path by Stonescapes

And this time I don’t mean me with Ahmed!  The show was BACK this year with huge crowds and great ideas.  One change was that there were more small landscapes by landscapers I haven’t seen at the show before.  It was great to see how much interest they could pack into some pretty tight spaces! They set up the landscaper dream gardens a little differently this year and I liked the change. Instead of a hodge podge, they created an overall…

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Ahmed Hassan


I have a ton to write about as the Spring Home & Garden show has just wrapped up and I have a bunch of projects to share! However, it’s late and so tonight I’m just going to share my highlight of the show- Ahmed! I will just say for the record than in real life the man is dripping with charisma and his muscled chest ain’t too bad either! Oh- wait? Was I supposed to be listening to some sort…

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Meeting Landscape Architect/ Artist, Topher Delaney!

Delaney Narducci

The 2012 Utah Nursery and Landscape Association Green Conference was held this past week and what a week it was! I’ll write more about the event and provide some great photos but, for today, I want to talk about the most significant moment for me at the conference- meeting landscape legend, Topher Delaney. Topher Delaney’s work is as unique as her name. She pulls off designs and installations that most of us would never even attempt to get away with!…

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Hanging Air Plant Terarrium

All finished and ready to hang.

I’ll admit that I’m really NOT a houseplant person.  Not only do I tend to kill them from benign neglect, I also just don’t like the way the take over things (think of the classic Philodendron). You’ve seen this guy, right?  All stretched out 6 feet long and held up by thumb tacks as it grows around a window or creeping along the top of the kitchen cabinets?  It’s just not my thing.  Too much work.  Too leggy. Too much…

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Fall Foliage Perennials

'Bloody Cranesbill' (Geranium sanguineum) in full fall color

When we think of fall color, we almost always think about trees and shrubs. However, there are a number of great perennials who strut their stuff in a whole new way when the temperatures drop. Wild Geranium, also goes by the awful common name of “Bloody Cranesbill” (Geranium sanguineum) which clearly no one thought through the mental imagery when naming this lovely perennial.  It’s lovely with just hints of red foliage color during the growing season but it transforms in the Fall…

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Succulent Living Wreaths

2 Months after planting the wreaths were full and gorgeous for the event!

I am very fortunate to work for an awesome garden where they let me explore all kinds of interesting planting ideas.  We have our very first fundraising gala event coming up in a few weeks and I’ve been hard at work creating some cool garden art pieces for the auction (which I’ll share in a future post).  I’ve been too busy DOING to be blogging but I hope there are still a few readers out there! The theme of our…

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