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Hanging Air Plant Terarrium

All finished and ready to hang.

I’ll admit that I’m really NOT a houseplant person.  Not only do I tend to kill them from benign neglect, I also just don’t like the way the take over things (think of the classic Philodendron). You’ve seen this guy, right?  All stretched out 6 feet long and held up by thumb tacks as it grows around a window or creeping along the top of the kitchen cabinets?  It’s just not my thing.  Too much work.  Too leggy. Too much…

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Fall Foliage Perennials

'Bloody Cranesbill' (Geranium sanguineum) in full fall color

When we think of fall color, we almost always think about trees and shrubs. However, there are a number of great perennials who strut their stuff in a whole new way when the temperatures drop. Wild Geranium, also goes by the awful common name of “Bloody Cranesbill” (Geranium sanguineum) which clearly no one thought through the mental imagery when naming this lovely perennial.  It’s lovely with just hints of red foliage color during the growing season but it transforms in the Fall…

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Utah House @ The Utah Botanical Center


If you’re anything like me, you’ve driven down I-15 through Kayesville you’ve probably seen the signs for the Utah Botanic Center. You’ve probably even thought about stopping by someday- and you’re probably on your way somewhere else and don’t have time to just drop in when you pass. I’m going to convince you with 7 pictures (and really that’s overkill- could do it in 3) why the garden merits a visit- even if you have to make special plans to…

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Aubrieta/ Arabis- Early Spring Essential

Rockcress 'Axcent Blue'- photo by Syngenta (the company that introduced this plant series).

Aubrieta and Arabis are two early spring blooming perennials that BOTH go by the common name of Rock Cress.  Both are evergreen perennials (foliage remains through the winter).  Both bloom prolifically in shades of white, pink, violet and purple.  The major physical difference between them is the size of the leaves.  Aubrietas have a smaller, finer leaf while Arabis has a larger, more cut type of leaf.  In general, the leaves on these plants are a generic green.  The early spring…

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‘Isla Gold’ Tansy

'Dark Towers' Penstemon with 'Isla Gold' Tansy

The ferny yellow new foliage of ‘Isla Gold ‘Tansy contrasted with ‘African Sunset’ Sedum. I’m a bit of a lazy gardener.  I think I sometimes prefer the IDEA of gardening over the actual ACT of gardening!  Of course, I rationalize it by saying that I need to understand how the plant will perform WITHOUT exacting maintenance as they are unlikely to receive it in most garden situations.  I always like to plant things that will thrive under realistic, rather than…

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