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DIY FREE Fresh Greens Wreath


I recently completed a tutorial over on the “Home & Garden Club” blog (where all my blogging mojo is going these days) on how to create a FREE Fresh Greens Wreath using plant materials from around your own yard.  Though I work for a botanical garden, the VAST majority of the greens used in my wreath were gathered in my own yard.  There is no way I was going to risk the wrath of our Garden Manager by having my…

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DIY Blogger House

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the DIY Blogger House as the landscape design professional for the home and I managed to slip a few “DIY” style projects in as well.  I’ve had an amazing summer filled…

fake bug in terrarium
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Terrarium Basics

As promised, a quick post about how to create a terrarium.  The ‘quick’ part isn’t because I am not taking time to write out the details but rather because it’s so simple that a great deal of details are…

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After a totally wild weekend, I am back from the SNAP! Creativity Conference. What an exhausting but wonderful couple of days! I have promised to get a post up about terrarium basics and will try and make that happen…

Seedlings 1 week after transplanting up to pony packs. They are MUCH happier in a bigger home.

A “Near Death Experience”- Seedling Style

Actually, for some of my unique heirloom tomatoes and ALL of my baby bell pepper seedlings, it WAS a death experience. Sorry little guys! I approached this ‘seed season’ with far more gusto than usual. After 20 years of…