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Glover Nursery Garden

The waterfall has plenty of foliage behind it to avoid the dread 'volcano falls' effect.

Having lived for a time in the Pacific Northwest, I got spoiled.  There are so many lovely nurseries there and most of them sport display gardens.  Heaven on earth!  Sadly, most nurseries here in Utah aren’t set up the same way- but there are a few!

One such nursery is Glover located in West Jordan.  It’s one of my favorite nurseries for a number of reasons and I’ve spent a lot of money there over the years buying for clients or myself.  What sets Glover apart are a great collection of distinctive conifers, a well-defined native/waterwise plants area and their awesome display garden!

I have been surprised to find out how many people haven’t ventured to the North side of the nursery to check out the gardens but, I assure you, it’s well worth a slight diversion.  Then again, I don’t really have to say anything- the photos, taken back in September, pretty much cover it.  Make sure visit next time you’re there!

The waterfall has plenty of foliage behind it to avoid the dread 'volcano falls' effect.

Decomposed granite paths grant access to a riot of fall blooms

'Tiger Eyes' Sumac- one of my favorite plants (and that's saying something!)

Front yard garden

Blazing fall blooms

Foreground: 'Golden Spirit' Smokebush flanked by 'Goldstrum' Rudibeckia

Years ago Glover purchased the home on the north side of the nursery and turned it into this garden.  The house is still there and used for the nursery.  What’s great about that is you can see just how much can really be done on a standard 1/4 acre lot if the homeowner has the time and inclination.  It’s beautiful each season of the year but is especially nice in fall!

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