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“Joy in The Garden”

Joy in the Studio

I am excited to say that I’ll be joining my gardening friend, Joy Bossi, of “Joy in the Garden” on her radio show for a few minutes during the next couple of Saturdays. Joy has been a HUGE proponent of Conservation Garden Park and has specifically helped me at a time when I really needed it- she helped launch the “Education Committee” for the Garden that I chaired back in the days before I became an employee.

Joy's newest book!

Now that we will be launching the new Home & Garden Club (this is the culmination of literally a DECADE of planning and waiting for the right time), she has come to my aid again! I’ll be posting more about the Home & Garden Club event (and even giving away a few tickets) in the near future. For now, you can hear about it live on Joy’s show. Either myself or our amazing there-is-nothing-this-woman-can’t-do Club Chairwoman will be on the show to talk about the Club in general and the event in specific.


The show runs 9 am-11 am on Saturday mornings on KNRS 570am and 105.7fm here in Utah. I sure hope I can keep up with her! Joy’s knowledge is amazing! Since I just bought her new book, I’ll see if I can snag a signature on it while I’m there. Hope you can listen in!
*********************************** UPDATE!!! *********************************************

Joy in the Studio

I had a fabulous time! It was so fun to watch her work. I will say that I’ve always wondered if she was madly “Googling” behind the scenes to have all the answers to callers questions. Turns out she just knows this stuff off the top of her head. I learned a few things too (like you have to prune out the central leader on a peach or nectarine tree so that the center of the tree is open and light gets to all the fruit). I am, once again, thankful for the years spent as a speech & debate nerd in high school as those speaking skills came in handy last Saturday. It’s challenging to think quickly under pressure like that and I’m so impressed with how EASY Joy makes it look!

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