I was given the opportunity to present a new version of an old project on Studio 5 on May 5, 2012.  It’s always fun to be on the show but man, it’s nerve-wracking! Fortunately neither the project nor myself suffered any sort of wardrobe malfunction! With a newly planted vertical project I was rather paranoid about the possibility of an on-air plant suicide!



I enjoyed an impromptu appearance on Studio 5 in December 2011! I have been on the show a couple of times for work-related stuff but this time they called and asked me to come on and talk about gift ideas for gardeners! It’s a little intimidating to have to speak off the cuff like that but a lot of fun too. Thank goodness I was a speech and debate nerd back in high school- those hard-won public speaking skills have come in handy on many occasions since!

I only had a couple of days to pull together some ideas but I have added posts on this blog and our blog at work to help people replicate the two projects shown (Hanging Air Plant Terrarium and the Succulent Dish Garden).

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