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Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, if you provide content on a blog that is relevant for Utahns and others in the Intermountain West, we want to feature you here as either  a guest poster or as a linked blog .  There is no compensation involved for you OR us- just gardeners doing what they do best, sharing the  harvest, even if it is a virtual one!  

Are you a home improvements/projects blogger who includes gardening as a significant portion of your blog? YOU qualify to be listed here too. 

Join our efforts to improve the connectivity of the gardening community. Do you have a question you’d like to have answered by our experts (and someday experts?) e-mail us or follow these links to blogs where you can ask. Let’s help everyone learn how to grow the “plants that thrive in the ‘hive”.

Design Resource

A Utah-based landscape design and consult firm specializing in DIY homeowners.  Design Resource provides consultation and design advice to homeonwers, a “personal shopping” service that gets homeowners access to wholesale pricing on plants and materials, and provides referrals to quality contractors for the parts homeowners SHOULDN’T attempt themselves!

Garden Stems

Garden Stems author Jeni is a long-time gardener and lover of all things blooming.  Join her as she travels to interesting local garden spots, profiles plants you’ve GOT to try and sorts through the perks and pains of a Utah garden.

The Organic Forecast

Written by USU Extension Services, this is the place to go for information on pest management- especially for those of us who wish to keep pesticides and artificial fertilizers to a minimum.  If you have questions about bugs, plant diseases or just general veggie gardening questions, USU Extension is THE local authority!

Organic Suburban Farm Girl

This is the place to go for information on growing and eating organically on your own suburban lot.  Emily covers everything from veggies and herbs to backyard chickens to tasty vegetarian recipes.  Emily’s expertise in not only growing but actually USING your bounty makes this a real farm-to-table experience.

Stoney Acres

Join Rick over at Stoney Acres to learn about vegetable gardening, backyard chickens and a whole host of other good stuff.  Rick provides great information on how to grow different types of veggies too!

Utah Valley Gardens

Greg at Utah Valley Gardens is a long-time gardener and advocate for sustainable living.  Greg’s blog features environmentally safe gardening methods as well as ways you can save money through achieveable projects (like growing plants from seed).  Head on over and learn about these and other interesting garden topics!

Utah Edible Gardens

Clarence blogs about growing edibles throughout your property- and not just int he traditional ways. He shares his passion and knowledge on Utah Edible Gardens and encourages all of us to eat a little better by growing our own!


Alex honed his vegetable gardening skills in our challenging Utah climate.  If you’re seeking in-depth training to help YOU succeed at vegetable gardening, VegeNag is the place to visit. VegeNag also offers a reminder service to help you get your vegetable crops planted at the right time.

This Grandmother’s Garden

Carolyn is a lover of nature and chronicler of the seasons. Her heart holds a sense of wonder for all of nature and believes that butterflies and songbirds will grace your gardens if you provide an environment for them to thrive in. Gardening is all about FAMILY to this gardener.  Working in the garden together as a family is where life’s greatest lessons are taught and learned. Together they have designed the landscape, performed the labor and are the soul keepers of their gardens. With experience as her teacher, Carolyn shares best methods for creating and maintaining your own backyard paradise.

Salt Lake What’s For Dinner

This blog follows the experiences of two first-time gardeners as they learn to grow vegetables then figure out creative ways to use their harvest to create appealing, delicious meals.  Follow along and learn with them!

High Altitude Gardening

Kate gardens in Summit County, Utah and leads a rather adventurous life!  She gives all sorts of tips and muses over her favorite flowers.  Great blog!

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    Paul Inkenbrandt
    February 25, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    This blog summarizes experiences of two first time gardeners. My wife and I are attempting a mostly-indoor container vegetable garden and a garden plot at a community garden. I have been volunteering for and learning from the nice people at Wasatch Community Gardens. Our good friend, an awesome Utah extension agent, also helps us.
    I am geologist in Salt Lake City and my wife works at the Whole Foods Market.
    We both love to cook and we blog about that, too:

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