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A catch-all page for links to CSA’ groups (Community Supported Agriculture) otherwise known as “Farm Shares”, Community Gardens and Garden Groups. I’m sure there are MANY more than I have listed here.  Let us know about additions to this list by e-mailing us at [email protected]


There are A LOT of CSA’s now in Utah (yeah!).  Since our blog specializes in people who wish to grown their own produce, we’ll simply link you to the directory provided by CSA Utah as they keep the most up-to-date accounting of participating farms/ farmers in Utah.

CSA Utah

Community Gardens

For gardeners who wish to socialize WHILE they garden, here are some resources.  If you know of others, please e-mail us at info@utahgardenblogs so we can add them!

Daybreak Community Gardens


I believe these community gardens are only available to residents of Daybreak in South Jordan but they are beautifully designed and are a great place to go and get ideas for laying out your own vegetable garden.

Holladay Community Gardens


Holladay Community Gardens has a large existing garden and will be expanding again this spring to create a refugee/ school garden.

Sunflower Community Garden


This is such a fabulous idea! Ogdenites are fortunate to have a community garden sponsored largely by the business Grounds for Coffee.  The garden is located adjacent to their store in Ogden and enables gardeners to enjoy gardening along with a good cup ‘o joe!  Kudos to Grounds for Coffee for their community-minded efforts. I hope the idea catches on everywhere!

Taylorsville Community Gardens


A newer Community Garden group in Taylorsville with areas that are ADA accessible and opportunities to grow extra food in a special part of the gardens that is donated to the Utah Food Bank to ensure that ALL citizens have the opportunity to enjoy fresh produce.

Utah Gardens


Utah Gardens is a non-profit organization that seeks out fallow properties and turns them into agricultural havens for volunteer gardeners/residents. They are always in need of extra hands and donations if you have the time and inclination to use your talents to serve others.

Wasatch Community Gardens



One of the first community gardens organizations in Utah, Wasatch Community Gardens manages a number of gardens in the Salt Lake City Metro area and is spreading out to many of the suburban areas as well.  Check out their blog and website for locations, volunteer opportunities and special events.

Youth Garden Project


An innovative community garden project in Moab that targets teens and at-risk youth.  Young gardeners give community service through growing food and LEARN TO GARDEN! YEAH!

Social Gardening

Yes, I just made that title up.  Utah has several gardening ‘meet up’ groups for individuals interested in socializing in real gardens (outside the computer! WOO!).  Here’s a link to the meetup website- check it out and get connected in real time with local gardeners to share your knowledge and learn from others.

Gardening Meetup

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