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Outside Inside: Living Arrangements NOT Houseplants

Hyacinths Feature

 As I’ve mentioned a number of times before, I am NOT a houseplant person. However, I do  enjoy having living plants in my interior environment. What’s the difference? A ‘houseplant’ is   intended to live year in and year out inside your home, growing larger and leggier every season until you finally divide it to multiple containers and have even more to take care of.  The longer a plant lives in your home in this manner, the MORE guilt you feel…

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Celebrating Seasons Garden Tours

Cherry Blossom Festival

Jefferson Monument. Photo copyright Nicole Crockett Photography. Used with Permission.

I know this blog is about all things local but, occassionally, it’s fun to think past our borders- or even global.  I had the opportunity to vacation in Washington DC with 2 of my sisters at the beginning of April.  What an adventure! We were spouse and kid free for 6 whole days!  It was wonderful to have the chance to MISS our respective families. The trip boasted many wonderful floral opportunities, even though we were there so early in…

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