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Mt. Olympus Community Garden Dedication

The pergola structure Paul got donated and constructed by Zwick Construction

Over the last year an a half I’ve been privileged to be involved with the design and implementation of Salt Lake County’s newest community garden, Mt. Olympus Community Gardens in Holladay.  My involvement began  by meeting with the group to discuss the feasibility of the Garden and to create a basic design plan for the for the Garden layout.  A wonderful County Councilwoman, Jani Iwamoto, initiated the project to solve two problems- to make use of a weedy patch of…

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Thanksgiving Point Idea Garden

After a totally wild weekend, I am back from the SNAP! Creativity Conference. What an exhausting but wonderful couple of days! I have promised to get a post up about terrarium basics and will try and make that happen tomorrow. Between the SNAP! Conference, a local political convention over the weekend (at which my friend, Mia, was nominated to be the Republican candidate for US Congress), and Earth Day Activities which were celebrated Monday, I’ve been a little overwhelmed! I’ll…

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Salt Lake Tribune Home & Garden Show Eye Candy

Gorgeous path by Stonescapes

And this time I don’t mean me with Ahmed!  The show was BACK this year with huge crowds and great ideas.  One change was that there were more small landscapes by landscapers I haven’t seen at the show before.  It was great to see how much interest they could pack into some pretty tight spaces! They set up the landscaper dream gardens a little differently this year and I liked the change. Instead of a hodge podge, they created an overall…

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Glover Nursery Garden

The waterfall has plenty of foliage behind it to avoid the dread 'volcano falls' effect.

Having lived for a time in the Pacific Northwest, I got spoiled.  There are so many lovely nurseries there and most of them sport display gardens.  Heaven on earth!  Sadly, most nurseries here in Utah aren’t set up the same way- but there are a few! One such nursery is Glover located in West Jordan.  It’s one of my favorite nurseries for a number of reasons and I’ve spent a lot of money there over the years buying for clients…

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Garden ‘Whimsy’ Done Right!

Backyard Garden Overview

I will just say right now that I hate the phrase ‘whimsy’ as, to me, it’s just a polite way of saying “tacky”.   That’s probably because of all the design styles for gardens, a ‘whimsical’ style using re-purposed elements is the HARDEST to get right.  It requires an amazing eye and a keen aesthetic that’s honestly hard to come by- even for those who excel at other design styles.  However, every now and then you happen upon a garden…

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Utah House @ The Utah Botanical Center


If you’re anything like me, you’ve driven down I-15 through Kayesville you’ve probably seen the signs for the Utah Botanic Center. You’ve probably even thought about stopping by someday- and you’re probably on your way somewhere else and don’t have time to just drop in when you pass. I’m going to convince you with 7 pictures (and really that’s overkill- could do it in 3) why the garden merits a visit- even if you have to make special plans to…

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Celebrating Seasons Garden Tours

Cherry Blossom Festival

Jefferson Monument. Photo copyright Nicole Crockett Photography. Used with Permission.

I know this blog is about all things local but, occassionally, it’s fun to think past our borders- or even global.  I had the opportunity to vacation in Washington DC with 2 of my sisters at the beginning of April.  What an adventure! We were spouse and kid free for 6 whole days!  It was wonderful to have the chance to MISS our respective families. The trip boasted many wonderful floral opportunities, even though we were there so early in…

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Statsny Sculpture Gardens

Statsny Sculpture Gardens

Okay, Okay, I know I said this blog was for local gardens/ gardening but it’s January and there is not a lot to see right now!  And so, for your viewing pleasure, we’ll post a few from OTHER places! I had the great gardening pleasure of spending 18 months as an “Oregonian”.  That green, happy place where nearly ALL plants grow.  It was not uncommon to discover an unexpected garden to visit while traveling on the backroads through the Willamette…

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