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DIY FREE Fresh Greens Wreath


I recently com­pleted a tuto­r­ial over on the “Home & Gar­den Club” blog (where all my blog­ging mojo is going these days) on how to cre­ate a FREE Fresh Greens Wreath using plant mate­ri­als from around your own yard.  Though I work for a botan­i­cal gar­den, the VAST major­ity of the greens used in my wreath were gath­ered in my own yard.  There is no way I was going to risk the wrath of our Gar­den Man­ager by hav­ing my…

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DIY Projects Landscape Design

Plantation Shutter Planter– Easy Version

Finshed Shutter Planter horiz

After I cre­ated the orig­i­nal “Plant“ation Shut­ter Planter I SWORE I would never under­take a project like that again (might have sworn WHILE under­tak­ing it too)! Sewing cus­tom pock­ets from felt, burlap, faux moss net­ting and weed bar­rier fab­ric was a night­mare!  By the time I fin­ished it, I REALLY wished I hadn’t donated it to the Con­ser­va­tion Gar­den Park Gala for the auc­tion– after all that work, I wanted to keep it! How­ever, I recently dis­cov­ered an amaz­ing prod­uct called…

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DIY Projects Indoor Gardening Outside Inside

Terrarium Basics

fake bug in terrarium

As promised, a quick post about how to cre­ate a ter­rar­ium.  The ‘quick’ part isn’t because I am not tak­ing time to write out the details but rather because it’s so sim­ple that a great deal of details are not required.  You will need a fol­low a few basic steps to cre­ate a terrarium: Con­tainer.  This can be any size and may be as sim­ple as the pop­u­lar mason jars or you can fancy it up with glass apothe­cary jars.  I…

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Celebrating Seasons DIY Projects Indoor Gardening Outside Inside

Outside Inside: Living Arrangements NOT Houseplants

Hyacinths Feature

 As I’ve men­tioned a num­ber of times before, I am NOT a house­plant per­son. How­ever, I do  enjoy hav­ing liv­ing plants in my inte­rior envi­ron­ment. What’s the dif­fer­ence? A ‘house­plant’ is   intended to live year in and year out inside your home, grow­ing larger and leg­gier every sea­son until you finally divide it to mul­ti­ple con­tain­ers and have even more to take care of.  The longer a plant lives in your home in this man­ner, the MORE guilt you feel if…

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Succulent Pallet Table


Whew! The last week was a whirl­wind!  I actu­ally LOVE the Home & Gar­den Show.  I’m an extro­vert so talk­ing to hun­dreds of peo­ple about plants etc. is a lot of fun for me!  This is the first year in the last five that I am not design­ing pri­vately and thus was not trolling for clients at the show– I just got to enjoy it with no stress attached!  I found that there just was not enough time to be…

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DIY Projects Nurseries & Suppliers Plant Reviews Uncategorized

Hanging Air Plant Terarrium

All finished and ready to hang.

I’ll admit that I’m really NOT a house­plant per­son.  Not only do I tend to kill them from benign neglect, I also just don’t like the way the take over things (think of the clas­sic Philodendron). You’ve seen this guy, right?  All stretched out 6 feet long and held up by thumb tacks as it grows around a win­dow or creep­ing along the top of the kitchen cab­i­nets?  It’s just not my thing.  Too much work.  Too leggy. Too much…

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DIY Projects Local Events Nurseries & Suppliers

Plantation Shutter Planter Tutorial

View from beneath the shutter looking up

Oth­er­wise known as a ‘Plant’ation Pri­vacy Screen. Like many of you, I saw the orig­i­nal idea for this project in Sun­set Mag­a­zine, though I am sure the designer who cre­ated it was not the first to do this, she cer­tainly did it up beau­ti­ful! The Sun­set Mag­a­zine ver­sion fea­tured a gor­geous project com­pleted by San Fran­cisco area flo­ral designer, Bay­lor Chap­man of LilaB Designs. The mag­a­zine gave a lit­tle infor­ma­tion on how the shut­ters were con­structed and it sounded pretty…

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DIY Projects Local Events Nurseries & Suppliers

Coffee Table Planter


The 1st annual Gala Fundraiser event was held on Sat­ur­day night for Con­ser­va­tion Gar­den Park and it seems to have been quite a suc­cess­ful event.  I am rather relieved it’s over as I par­tic­i­pated in sev­eral capac­i­ties and I’m plum wore out!  Through my ‘reg­u­lar gig’, I helped plan and man­age the event.  Through my design busi­ness, I donated sev­eral pieces of gar­den art, includ­ing a ‘cof­fee table planter’. The seed for the table was planted by Julie Rader of…

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Succulent Living Wreaths

2 Months after planting the wreaths were full and gorgeous for the event!

I am very for­tu­nate to work for an awe­some gar­den where they let me explore all kinds of inter­est­ing plant­ing ideas.  We have our very first fundrais­ing gala event com­ing up in a few weeks and I’ve been hard at work cre­at­ing some cool gar­den art pieces for the auc­tion (which I’ll share in a future post).  I’ve been too busy DOING to be blog­ging but I hope there are still a few read­ers out there! The theme of our Gala…

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