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Proven Winners Succulents


Colorful succulents have been all the rage for awhile in California.  And why not? The texture, tone and tactile qualities are irresistable.  They are hardy plants in that winter-warm region but, sadly, most are simply tender perennials here (unless you bring them in for the winter).

Other than the hardiness issues, they are actually excellent choices for container gardens here in our dry, arid state.  This is especially true if you’re one of those gardeners (like me) who MIGHT forget to water in July upon occassion (did I just confess that outloud?)

Proven Winners channeled their inner Flora Grubb (and she deserves a post all her own later!) by creating their displays for the UNLA Trade Show.  They were a huge hit and a few lucky people with pockets far deeper than mine got to take the amazing displays home.  Serious plant lust!

To create the displays, they worked with small, newly rooted plants.  These living works of art would never stay that size long term but it sure was fun!

Tiny cuttings packed together to create vivid patterns of living art. Design and plants by Proven Winners.

Another Example

A “plug tray” ready for potting up to larger sizes.  This is the size needed to create the plant art above.

That’s not to say you CAN’T have a green wall that lives long term but they will require special watering set up and is a bit of a challenge (water and sheetrock don’t mix).

Alternatively, you could simply add a succulent or two to a traditional container planting to give it some extra punch.  In the container below, Lindsay Pettit added a succulent ‘Flapjack’ plant (Kalanchoe thyrisflora ‘Flapjack’) Flowering Kale and a  mini-pumpkin to her fall front porch containers.  The end result is a gorgeous combination of color and texture that will definitely set you apart from your neighbors!

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