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Seed Season!


Winter may be time off from actively gardening but it’s a great time of year for gardeners! When the seed catalogs start arriving in the mail I feel like a kid all over again, drooling over the holiday “Sears Wishbook”.  Each catalog holds the promise of the ‘best garden ever’ if I can just pick the right seeds to grow.  This is gardening with my imagination which is far more exuberant than my real-world life! This year it’s especially exciting…

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Hanging Air Plant Terarrium

All finished and ready to hang.

I’ll admit that I’m really NOT a houseplant person.  Not only do I tend to kill them from benign neglect, I also just don’t like the way the take over things (think of the classic Philodendron). You’ve seen this guy, right?  All stretched out 6 feet long and held up by thumb tacks as it grows around a window or creeping along the top of the kitchen cabinets?  It’s just not my thing.  Too much work.  Too leggy. Too much…

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Glover Nursery Garden

The waterfall has plenty of foliage behind it to avoid the dread 'volcano falls' effect.

Having lived for a time in the Pacific Northwest, I got spoiled.  There are so many lovely nurseries there and most of them sport display gardens.  Heaven on earth!  Sadly, most nurseries here in Utah aren’t set up the same way- but there are a few! One such nursery is Glover located in West Jordan.  It’s one of my favorite nurseries for a number of reasons and I’ve spent a lot of money there over the years buying for clients…

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Plantation Shutter Planter Tutorial

View from beneath the shutter looking up

Otherwise known as a ‘Plant’ation Privacy Screen. Like many of you, I saw the original idea for this project in Sunset Magazine, though I am sure the designer who created it was not the first to do this, she certainly did it up beautiful! The Sunset Magazine version featured a gorgeous project completed by San Francisco area floral designer, Baylor Chapman of LilaB Designs. The magazine gave a little information on how the shutters were constructed and it sounded pretty…

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Coffee Table Planter


The 1st annual Gala Fundraiser event was held on Saturday night for Conservation Garden Park and it seems to have been quite a successful event.  I am rather relieved it’s over as I participated in several capacities and I’m plum wore out!  Through my ‘regular gig’, I helped plan and manage the event.  Through my design business, I donated several pieces of garden art, including a ‘coffee table planter’. The seed for the table was planted by Julie Rader of…

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Succulent Living Wreaths

2 Months after planting the wreaths were full and gorgeous for the event!

I am very fortunate to work for an awesome garden where they let me explore all kinds of interesting planting ideas.  We have our very first fundraising gala event coming up in a few weeks and I’ve been hard at work creating some cool garden art pieces for the auction (which I’ll share in a future post).  I’ve been too busy DOING to be blogging but I hope there are still a few readers out there! The theme of our…

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DIY Landscape Center FREEBIES

Close up of 'Phantom' Petunia- black with a limey-yellow star. One of the deepest blacks I've ever seen. Unbelievable!

On Saturday, April 30th, 2011 the DIY Landscape Center will be celebrating their Grand Opening by hosting a ‘pot party’.  Okay, they told me not to call it that but the name is sort of funny! If you bring your pots/containers, they will fill them with soil FREE!  Who doesn’t love free?   DIY Landscape Center @ Asphalt Materials 7961 South 1300 West West Jordan, Utah  9:00 am- Noon  In addition, my business, Design Resource, will be there to help you…

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Succulent Green Wall

504 succulents were used to create a living picture- all foliage, no flowers!

WHEW! The Salt Lake Tribune Spring Home and Garden Festival (could they make that name any longer?) is finally over!  It was a great show this year though not as ‘splashy’ as last year’s show.  The landscape industry in general is enduring the most difficult financial times EVER so it’s not surprising that the exhibits, while still great quality, were scaled back somewhat from previous years.  I had the opportunity to work the show for TWO booths, one for my…

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