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Plant Coops = Garden Bargains!

2011 Introduction Echinacea 'Cranberry Cupcake' Photo(s) courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.

I am a junkie for the ‘new’ and ‘improved’ anything in the garden (much to the bane of my nursery owning associates who have to try and keep up with the plant lust many of us share).  Generally, retail nurseries have to be careful about giving too much space to the new kids on the block- they need to provide the tried-and-true favorites they know their customers want.

2011 Introduction Echinacea 'Cranberry Cupcake' Photo(s) courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.

And then there is the problem of having eyes that are larger than one’s budget!  I have that little issue too.

On my 'must have' list- Kniphofia 'Creamsicle' (and yes, it's from my fav Dan Heims and the folks at Terra Nova Nurseries!)

Luckily, I discovered a great fix! 

Online plant coops!!!!

I am a member of an exclusive little group (that anyone can join and we need more people!) that pools our resources and order grower-direct from several sources.  Not only do we get to sample the ‘latest and greatest’, we are also able to buy them in smaller plug sizes and pay about 25% of the cost of buying a larger plant at your local retail nursery several years after it is introduced.

2011 Introduction: Heucherella 'Yellowstone Falls' Photo courtesy Terra Nova Nurseries

Now, it should go without  saying that you could VERY easily be burned financially in this type of arrangement!  I am happy to refer anyone to check out the coop I have used for years if you are interested (e-mail us).  Otherwise, when checking out a possible coop to join, make sure it has been around for awhile, clearly displays their history/ past plant buys and that you’ve had a chance to talk to members of said coop.  Even so, keep your order small the first time you play and all should be well.  Gardeners tend to be generous folk but always do your research!

Agastache 'Summer Sunset'- Oh yeah, it's a Terra Nova Introduction too!

We order from a number of different growers, not JUST Terra Nova Nurseries -(click the link for some serious plant lust).  And yes, I put the link last or you’d head over there and never even finish reading this post! 

Thank you to Terra Nova for your generous photo policy and even more fabulous photos- makes it so much easier to give credit where due while staying within copyright guidelines. I can’t wait to get my new babies this spring!

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  • Jen
    February 26, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    I’ve heard of these before. There are even grocery coops. Sounds like a great idea. I’ll have to check it out and talk to you more about it.

  • cynthia
    February 27, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Jen- I’m happy to send you current list we’re ordering from and you can let me know if you want anything- I’ll add it to my stuff. Goodness knows it will be a big order!

  • Carolyn
    March 4, 2011 at 7:02 am

    Love this idea! I just signed up.