Utah Garden Blogs was formed because I (Cynthia) was really frustrated trying to find LOCAL and Regional garden blogs to read/follow.  Unlike crafts, interior design or construction projects, gardening information varies wildly from region to region.  While it’s interesting to read about gardening in the South or California or Internationally, it isn’t particularly helpful to those wanting to learn how to do it in OUR climate.

Our purpose is to make this blog a place to have those kinds of conversations and to use it as a hub to direct like-minded individuals to YOUR garden blogs!  This site is about showcasing the inspiring gardens and the work of gardeners, both hobbyist and professional, from all over Utah and the Intermountain Region.  Virtual garden tours allow us all to enjoy and praise your garden without you having to open your property up for internet ‘weirdos’ to visit. 

Step up and volunteer your posts, your knowledge (or even lack thereof) and lets help each other succeed in this crazy place where we garden on the edge of mountain and dessert!